Peter Darrah
For Mountain View Whisman School Board 2016


Below are answers to questions I've received. If you have any more, please send email.

Why am I running for School Board?

I'm running for the Board to support our kids. My own children attended MVWSD schools. I believe strongly in public education. Our children are our future. I'm running to contribute toward managing the District. It's work to attract top teachers and administrators. It's work to manage our curriculum, trends in education, funding, and Measure G construction. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and help out.

What specifically do you want to change in the school district?

I want to increase communication with the community. We have tough decisions to face with budget reductions, attracting teachers, curriculum development, new programming, and Measure G construction. We need community involvement to make good decisions. We need to do more to foster communication with teachers, parents, and community members.

Are you running because it would be a nice thing to put on your resume?

No. My resume is fine. I work in a very high demand field. School Board is a four year volunteer commitment. From what the current members tell me, it's all work and no glory.

What difference would having you on the Board make?

I have experience in many areas affecting the District. I'm a parent of current students and the husband of a teacher in the District. I speak Spanish. I'm a manager professionally. I've done design and construction. That experience will guide my contribution to the Board.

For example, when low income parents at Castro School complain about the quality of the food served in the schools, I understand that. I've seen the food my kids were offered at Landels. My wife tells me stories of the food given to her low income students. I can speak to parents in English and Spanish about what they would like to see their kids get and work with the District to improve things.

Another example would be adopting math websites like Khan Academy in the District. As an engineer, I love math and the web. Web based learning has the power to create differentiated education to teach every child to their potential. When I served on the Board of the Mountain View Education Foundation we raised money for laptop carts for the classrooms. I am also a parent and know that kids will go straight to YouTube or online games if you don't keep them on task. At home we restrict our children's use of computers. Technology has a lot to offer, but it must be well managed to be effective.

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