Peter Darrah
For Mountain View Whisman School Board 2016

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New Leadership for the Mountain View Whisman School District

  • Ensure every student is taught to his or her potential
  • Attract top teachers and support them with quality training to improve education.
  • Spend Measure G Bond money wisely on facilities to serve our community for generations to come.
  • Support appropriate integration of technology into the classroom.

Experience you can trust

  • MVWSD Budget Task force (2006-7)
  • Board of the Mountain View Whisman Educational Foundation (2009-2014)
  • MVWSD Facilities Task Force (2013-2015)
  • MVWSD Boundaries Task Force ( 2014-current )
  • Volunteer at Landels School for GATE programs.
  • Coach of Mountain View Los Altos softball.
  • Fluent Spanish speaker from living in Latin America for several years.


  • Lived in downtown Mountain View for 14 years.
  • Two children attended Landels and Graham Middle School.
  • Wife, Amy, teaches first grade at Landels Elementary


  • Computer Engineer managing a chip design group for Advanced Micro Devices.
  • Programmer during the dot com boom.
  • Previously ran two small businesses.

What will I bring to the MVWSD Board?

  • A voice of reason and common sense problem solving.
  • Management experience focused on encouraging and inspiring people.
  • Number skills to analyse budgets.
  • Sense of humor to keep it fun.

Peter coaching MVLAGS Summer Stars softball

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